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Sheetal Kotak


As a mother of two sons aged 16 & 10, being a full time working mom in a pressurizing engineering field & training 6 times a week requires a lot of effort, patience & discipline.

I was never an athletic person, and I only joined a gym in 2009 doing the basic aerobics and Taebo for weight loss. 2012 was the year I discovered weight training seriously and was amazed at the strength that lied in me. Suddenly I translated my inner most feelings with strength at the gym and little did I know I would be on my way to competing.

Nick named “Strong” due to my out of the ordinary girls strength, is a name I accept with humility.

I always keep focused on my goals and stay committed. These are the weapons to my success.

I strive to keep improving daily and have high regard for anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle because I know first-hand the effort it takes.

I encourage my sons to follow in the same path of sports and health in this generation of play stations and phones.

My Message to the all:

“It’s not about undoing the past but building the new. Not just achieving the impossible, but turning your obstacles into triumphs. & when you emerge stronger and resilient, you will have smashed through barriers you never thought you could.”


Musclemania Africa -Uganda 2013 Bikini 1st place

Musclemania Africa-Uganda 2013 Figure 1st place

Musclemania Africa -Kenya 2014 overall winner

Musclemania Africa 2014 Figure-1st place

Ms. Nairobi 2015 figure -1st place

Ms. Kenya 2015 figure-1st place

Musclemania Africa 2015-figure-1st place

Ms. Modern Fitness 2015-Figure-1st place

WBFF S.A.2016-Diva Fitness 35 plus-1st runners up