William Bonac – USN Kenya


William Bonac is an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and USN international ambassador. He’s worked extremely hard to build the physique he has today. He prides himself on his confident, down to earth attitude.

This mental approach has taken him all the way to the Mr Olympia stage. He’s admired for his large legs and arms, as well as his dedication to proper nutrition – being compared frequently to the American bodybuilder Kai Greene.

It has been a long and difficult road for William in reaching this level. He makes it clear to his fans that it’s certainly not the career for every fitness enthusiast. He started training at 13 years old as a way to release stress – it took him almost 2 decades to reach the 2016 Mr Olympia stage.

With an ever-increasing social media fan base, William Bonac is a face to look out for on the professional competition circuit.

Many of William’s high competition scores have come as a result of his well developed arms. He trains his triceps and biceps with his back and chest, seeing this combination perfect for spending a lot of time on the muscle individually.

Flex Wheeler was one of William’s favorite bodybuilder’s growing up. When he was in his twenties, it was Kai Greene who really caught his attention, and inspired him to compete.

As well as these legends, he is also inspired by his own journey.



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