Blue Blood Review By Jaco – USN Kenya

Blue Blood Review By Jaco

am loving the new USN EPIK Blue Blood pre-workout. It is the ultimate pre-workout to optimize performance, pump & recovery during my workouts. Blue Blood is a precision-dosed, highly concentrated pre-workout formulation to boost your entire workout without an energy crash.


This is my first choice of pre-workout because it not only accelerates extreme muscle pump and energy levels, it also contains scientifically-proven, patented ingredients to enhance muscle recovery during your workout to increase muscle development. Blue Blood is loaded with muscle pump-amplifying ingredients like GlycerPump™, AgmaPure® and pure Citrulline for cell-volumization and vascularity.


This all-in-one powerhouse also includes Dynamine™ for fast-acting, high-impact energy, intense focus & drive. Blue Blood is definitely my new benchmark pre-workout.

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