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USN EPIK Isobolic Whey Gh

Introducing the future of lean muscle gains! Isobolic Whey gH is a unique formulation packed with rapidly-absorbed, highest quality imported 100% Whey Protein Isolate, Creatine Monohydrate & Tribulus Terrestris to maximize muscle growth, strength & recovery. Each scoop is loaded with 26 g protein & 21 600 mg amino acids to optimize protein synthesis & protein absorption.


A breakthrough 6-week trial found the combined intake of whey protein & creatine monohydrate to enhance lean muscle gains by 42.5% & increase 1-RM bench press maximum by 58.6% in comparison to whey protein alone.




WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE: premium quality, rapidly absorbed protein for lean muscle development.

ANABOLIC AMINO STACK: 21 600 mg, boosts muscle growth, strength & prevents catabolism.

CREATINE MONOHYDRATE: 2500 mg, enhances ATP delivery to muscle tissue, accelerating strength & stamina.

TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS: 100 mg, contributes to normal testosterone levels, increasing muscle building potential.

L-GLUTAMINE: 3450 mg, promotes muscle recovery and retention.

AMINOGEN®: Enhances protein absorption & digestion.

TOLERASE™ L: Renders Isobolic Whey gH lactose-free.


Isobolic Whey gH is BlueLab™-certified, ensuring superior quality & efficacy for the most optimal results. The BlueLab™ series includes product that designed using the highest-quality ingredients according to consumers’ needs, based on individual feedback.



• Add 1 scoop (32 g) of Isobolic Whey gH to 200-250 ml of cold water or milk and shake or blend for 30 seconds until all powder is dissolved.

• Consume 30 minutes before or after your workout and throughout the day.

• Available in Chocolate Caramel & Arctic Ice flavours

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