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PhedraCut Water X

Premium natural multi-action diuretic supplement

  • 150.0 mg
    Horsetail Extract
  • 75.0 mg
    Juniper Berry Root Extract
  • 25.0 mg
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PhedraCut Water X is an advanced diuretic supplement, formulated with natural, premium ingredients designed to reduce water retention and bloating, whilst increasing urinary output.



It contains scientifically proven ingredients such as Horsetail Plant Extract and Juniper Berry which is highly effective in reducing water retention and increasing urinary output respectively.

Key Facts and Features

Highly Bioavailable Phytofare™

Phytofare™ is the only clinically proven green tea extract shown to be bioavailable, meaning the extract is easliy absorbed by your system. Green tea extract is a great source of antioxidants called catechins, that helps support fat loss, immune function and cardiovascular health.

Stimulant Free Formulation

This USN product is formulated for maximum efficacy and performance, free from any stimulants for those sensitive to stimulants or with relevant medical reasons for non-stimulant use.


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