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Fast Grow Anabol GH

High protein lean muscle mass catalyst

  • 7800 mg
    Anabol Stack
  • 55.0 g
  • 5000.0 mg
    Creatine Stack
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Fast Grow Anabol gH is an all-in-one hardcore lean mass gainer for accelerated muscle growth and optimal recovery.



USN's Fast Grow Anabol GH contains a scientifically-researched premium 4-Stage Protein Matrix for both slow- and fast-release as well as a 2-stage Glyco-Matrix Carb System to aid in sustainable energy and storage of glycogen. The addition of our Creatine Stack, β-Alanine and Taurine may improve endurance and performance. Glycine, an amino acid has been added to improve strength, increasing mass building and muscle strength.


Key Facts and Features


This USN product has been carefully developed and certified to meet Halaal requirements by the Halaal authorities.

Optimal Digestibility

Tolerase™ L is an acid lactase that converts lactose into glucose and galactose. It is specifically developed and patented for use in dietary and sports supplements for lactose intolerant people, giving them the freedom to enjoy these and other dairy products.

Optimized With Quality Aminos

Amino acids form large parts of our muscle and cells, and carry out many important bodily functions. They are essential for healing and repairing tissue, especially muscle. Adding amino acids to products greatly increases it's muscle recovery benefits.

Maximum Muscle Development

By ensuring we carefully choose and formulate our whey proteins with only the best quality proteins, aminos and other proven ingredients, we can deliver a product that is optimised for maximum muscle development.

Maximum Muscle Mass Gains

Scientifically formulated and developed with precise ratios of the highest quality protein, carbs and fats for maximum muscle mass development. Break through your plateau.

More Power And Strength

USN uses only the best quality raw creatines available in the production of our creatine and creatine-containing products to ensure maximum effectiveness in enhancing in power and strength.

Optimal Muscle Support

USN's range of testosterone amplifiers and testo-containing products are formulated with the finest raw materials and muscle supporting minerals for optimal muscle performance, growth and maintenance.


Creatine HCL

Creatine HCL is formulated with Creatine Hydrochloride, the most effectively absorbed form of creatine. Creatine HCL has been found to incr...

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