Vinita Otieno Wanjohi – USN Kenya


My name is Vinita Otieno, I am a Health and Wellness coach, former competitive figure bodybuilder, USN brand ambassador, Writer and Mentor. I am a wife to Duncan Wanjohi and mother of three children aged 11yrs, 9yrs and 5yrs respectively.

For over 20 years now I have been hands on in the Health and Fitness industry. I started out in Canada where I participated in figure bodybuilding competitions, and personal training in Kenya for the past fourteen years.

My journey in health and wellness is mainly passion oriented. After experiencing how it can transform your mind and body it was a no-brainer – I had to teach the gospel of fitness. I desire to reach the masses and show them that it is possible to change and that lifestyle diseases need to be better managed and drugs are not always the answer. I am blessed to be in a place where I am best placed to be of service.

I started Fit Happens eleven years back, after I had my first-born child. I felt something was missing because people wanted change but were challenged in actualising the change they sought after. Many believed in hitting the gym looking for instant results and when that didn’t happen discouragement settles in. I later realised that it was not enough to motivate people to exercise for the sake of losing or gaining kilograms.

I had to encourage them to get rid of the weight, not physically, but mentally. Then Fit Happens was born.
The name came when I helped my friends transform themselves and there I realized my inner calling was helping people be the best version of themselves. One of my friends also pointed out that every time someone threw out an excuse I would brush it off and retort Fit Happens.

I am a USN brand ambassador and you can be able to get the USN products by visiting my website for any enquiries Moreover, my passion for writing has made me a fitness correspondent for different publications such as Daily Nation, Healthy woman magazine and Couture Africa Magazine.

I am also a health and wellness coach / General manager at Smart Gyms. Fit Happens is a movement and I would like to see it and hear it on everyone’s mouth. You can also follow me and learn about my fitness journey on my social media platforms.


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