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Creatine X4

Premium 4-in-1 Creatine Stack

  • 3000.0 mg
    Creatine Stack
  • 1194.0 mg
    Glycine & Taurine
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Creatine X4 is a blend of four different compounds of creatine, creating a combination with enhanced absorption and efficacy for increased physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise.



Creatine X4 consists of a blend of creatine HCL, creatine nitrate, creatine monohydrate and creatine ethyl ester HCL. The formulation includes Bioperine® to enhance and extend the effect of Creatine X4 and muscle-mass supporting amino acids to promote muscle protein synthesis. Creatine X4 is formulated to increase muscle gains, improve endurance and boost performance.

Key Facts and Features


This USN product has been carefully developed and certified to meet Halaal requirements by the Halaal authorities.

Increased Stamina And Endurance

To get the very best out of your workouts, USN developed this product to greatly improve stamina and endurance levels during physical activity and/or training so you kan keep pushing your limits and breaking through training plateaus.

More Power And Strength

USN uses only the best quality raw creatines available in the production of our creatine and creatine-containing products to ensure maximum effectiveness in enhancing in power and strength.


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