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Muscle Fuel STS

Multi-Phase Protein System

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USN’s Muscle Fuel STS is a 4-stage glycomatrix carb system with a 5-stage sustained transport systems (STS) and an optimum muscle supporting amino acid base. It’s easy to mix and conveniently quick to prepare.



Muscle Fuel STS has been scientifically formulated to provide active people of all ages with quality proteins from 4 premium sources, helping to speed up recovery from exercise and supporting general wellness. The advanced time release system ensures the body properly absorbs the quality proteins, which accelerates the rebuilding of muscle following a period of exertion.


Key Facts and Features


This USN product has been carefully developed and certified to meet Halaal requirements by the Halaal authorities.

Optimal Digestibility

Tolerase™ L is an acid lactase that converts lactose into glucose and galactose. It is specifically developed and patented for use in dietary and sports supplements for lactose intolerant people, giving them the freedom to enjoy these and other dairy products.

Lean Muscle Maintenance

USN Whey Proteins are scientifically developed for optimal lean muscle maintenance in the body. We use only the best quality proteins available to make sure you can #challengeyourself and obtain maximum results faster.

Packed With Quality Proteins

Protein is a fundamentally important component in our bodies as the building block of bones, cartilage, skin and muscle. Protein supplementation ensures you get the required amount of protein build and repair tissue and muscle as part of an active lifestyle.

Optimized With Quality Aminos

Amino acids form large parts of our muscle and cells, and carry out many important bodily functions. They are essential for healing and repairing tissue, especially muscle. Adding amino acids to products greatly increases it's muscle recovery benefits.

Maximum Muscle Development

By ensuring we carefully choose and formulate our whey proteins with only the best quality proteins, aminos and other proven ingredients, we can deliver a product that is optimised for maximum muscle development.


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