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Four Tips To Reach Your Fitness Goals

No matter what our individual goals are, we all share one thing in common – the desire to succeed. To do this, we need to maximise our training and diet to achieve the things we set out to do, simple.


However, it is all too common that people over complicate things and begin to lose focus on what is important, and that involves doing the basics well!


Here are four tips on making the most of your hard work by focusing on these important pillars of training success. Give it a try and share your experience with others on our social media platforms:




Whether your goal is to burn fat, add muscle or live a healtier life, it’s important to plan what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it. Make your goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound (SMART), as this will facilitate a structured approach to reaching your potential.



By planning your workouts beforehand rather that rocking up at the gym and making it up as you go along, you can attack the session and get the most out of it. By taking a few minutes to decide the exercises and intensity, it enables you to work smart, and hard. Also, by using a log book or app, you can have a visual structure to follow and also track your progress efficiently.



You don’t get fit in the gym, you get fit after! Recovery is crucial and ensuring you recover fully between sessions can really impact your progress. This involces rest, sleep and nutrition.


By training too frequently, and not allowing the body time to recover, the risk of injury and overtraining greatly increases. Also, sleep is a fundamental component of recovery, and you should aim to get eight hours per night.


Finally, by optimising your nutrition, you can recover faster and train harder, which leads to the final tip.



Supplements offer a great way of giving your body all the nutrients it requires, which is so important at all times. In conjunction with a balanced diet, supplements enables you to easily reach your macronutrient and micronutrient requirements.


Not only do supplements help you give your body what it needs, they can really help satisfy cravings, and boost your performance. Moreover, there are so many different products and flavours to choose from, you can always rely on USN to have your back, be it pre-, intra- or post-workout, we have the right products to suit your individual needs.



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