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Protein Muffin Recipe

Guilt-free Protein Muffin recipe by @karienvanderwal 


2 scoops Diet Whey Isolean Vanilla Ice Cream
150g oats
50g almond flour
1 tsp. Mixed spice
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
2tsp desiccated coconut
A pinch of salt
30g grated white chocolate


4 egg whites
2 tbs raw honey
200g plain low-fat yoghurt
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1 mashed banana

Mix all dry ingredients together, then add all wet ingredients and mix well into a smooth batter.

Spray a 6-muffin pan with spray and cook.


Add the batter to muffin pan and bake 25min in a 180°C oven.


For a different alternative, replace the banana with grated carrot and add some cinnamon and cut nuts for a carrot cake flavour.

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