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Vegan Vanilla-Cinnamon Sweet Potato Protein Ice Cream

With the heat this summer has graced us with, the only logical resolution I could think of was to develop an icy treat with the NEW @usnsa Plant Protein Powder which is a blend of raw protein free from Soy, sugar and common allergens. It’s not often you get a great tasting plant-based protein so this is a MUST!! Recipe by Micaela Markides


250g puréed sweet potato
175ml of coconut milk with 1 scoop of @usnsa Plant Protein (shake well)
175 ml coconut cream – chilled
5ml Vanilla essence
2ml cinnamon
120g sugar/sugar substitute of choice (granulated xylitol, coconut sugar, fructose .ect.)


1. Bake the sweet potato whole in the oven – skin on – bake until it is caramelised and very tender
2. Once baked completely; allow to cool and peel the skin off and mash finely
3. Add the protein powder to coconut milk and shake to combine completely
4. Whip the chilled coconut cream until thick and fluffy/aerated with the sugar substitute of choice, cinnamon and vanilla
5. Stir the puréed sweet potato into the coconut protein milk
6. Fold-In the whipped coconut cream – gently
7. Put into an ice cream maker and churn for 30mins
8. Enjoy on a hot day without guilt


Makes roughly 1.5 litres of ice cream = 12 servings of 125ml portions

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