As fitness enthusiasts we all know that Protein is an essential part of any athlete’s diet, in fact it should be a staple in everyone’s diet. Protein is not just for body building, it produces energy, increases metabolism and repairs muscles fast. But what about the finer details? – Not all protein was created equally and therefore we will be focusing on what makes Whey… well… Whey if that makes sense. Firstly, let’s look at what Whey actually is:

Whey protein is a mix-bag of proteins that are isolated from… get ready for it… Whey! But what is Whey? Well it is actually the liquid part of milk that tends to separate during cheese production, creating a helpful byproduct.

After various drying and crushing processes it is then made into a powder which is what we now associate whey protein shakes with looking like. Of course, Whey powder does not taste very nice on its own (take it from us, don’t try it), it can be flavoured with other natural substances and flavorings.

Our very own Blue Lab Whey (https://usnkenya.com/shop/products/bluelab-whey/) comes in many tasty flavours including but not limited to; Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Tex, BarOne, Chocolate Log & Peppermint, which are flavours known to mask the taste of whey protein quite well. One thing you must watch out for though with many of these kinds of powders is the additives. Some companies like to add extra sugar and things with E-numbers in to give an additional short-term buzz long with the protein going to work on your muscles.

Blue Lab Whey is perfect for you if you’re trying to gain muscle mass, but it’s also good if you’re looking to tone up or gain lean mass. The main thing it does is allow you to consume higher intake of protein and BCAA’s, the important building blocks of the human body. SO, by adding more building blocks, you are building on and improving yourself and your fitness.

If you’re looking for a whey powder you can trust to deliver results then our Blue Lab Whey (https://usnkenya.com/shop/products/bluelab-whey/) is the one we would recommend. It comes in 7 flavours, contains 24g of protein per serving and 1 container of 908g contains 28 servings, so it’s also a huge bargain!


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